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Award-Winning Custom Paint and Airbrushing Specialists

We Offer fine refinishing on all types of motorcycle/motor vehicles of the highest quality. Our work carries a lifetime warranty.

Born to be wild was founded in 1995 by John Tooze, and was the first motorcycle Custom Paint and accident repair centre in the UK.

Now in 2013 ReBorn to be Wild is run by John Tooze and Sammy Cave in Cheltenham, with over 45 years of Custom Paint experience between them they are leading the way in Custom Paint and refinishing today.

Custom Work

We can paint your dreams, from special effects paints to graphics we produce highly unique custom jobs tailored to your specific requirements. With one-to-one consultations you will have your imagination translated into the physical realm!

And we can also take the pressure off by helping to design your ideas for you.

Airbrush Works

You can be reassured that all commissions are carried out to the highest possible standard by award-winning artist Kustomsammy Cave. She has been featured in top Airbrush magazines worldwide and has been recognised as a very fine Artist in the airbrush world.

Restoration & Concours of Motorcycles

This work is carried out by John Tooze who has gained his apprenticeship working on Rolls-Royce Bentleys and Bristols. He has over 35 years experience in high-quality paint and refinishing. We use no vinyl Decals, any graphics required are painted on using high quality stencils leaving no edges due to multi-lacquering and a glass like finish. Our work carries a lifetime guarantee.

John also holds a thatchems qualification in colour matching.

Four Wheels

In this we offer the same standard as our motorcycle Paintwork with the ultimate attention to detail, for the car or van owner, looking for the ultimate quality job!

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